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Los Mellizos


In 1997, with the aim of providing better service and convenience for our clients, we opened the Los Mellizos Fishmonger’s – Fish Market on the Arroyo de la Miel industrial estate. The original intention was to offer an exclusively wholesale point of sale for fish and seafood. The seafood restaurant that we know today was first conceived to offer breakfasts and sweet snacks to our clients while they were waiting for their orders to be prepared. Little by little, our customers have exchanged coffees for glasses of white wine, cakes and pastries for monkfish and prawn brochettes.

The restaurant has grown in response to customer demand, and it is our clients who have provided the impetus that makes the Fish Market what it is today.

Our kitchen prepares all types of fish and seafood as well as traditional dishes of Málaga and the Mediterranean.

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From 11 to 27 February, don’t miss out on SUPERPAELLAS at Los Mellizos restaurants, over 14 varieties of rice dishes, starting at €16 for 2 people. Offer

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