From 11 to 27 February, don’t miss out on SUPERPAELLAS at Los Mellizos restaurants, over 14 varieties of rice dishes, starting at €16 for 2 people.

Offer valid at Casa Juan Los Mellizos, Los Mellizos Puerto Marina (El Mero), Pescadería Los Mellizos, Los Mellizos Fuengirola & Los Mellizos Marbella restaurants.

And at Los Mellizos Málaga, Los Mellizos Soho and Saint Tropez Los Mellizos treat yourself to a ración of paella for €5.90 or a media ración at €4.50.

This year, all our restaurants also have special offers for other dishes on our menu and in wines on Marqués de Cáceres promotional days. See you soon!

*Loyalty programme: during special offer/promotional days there are no discounts or «mellipuntos» as offers cannot be combined.

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